German tradition and design
Handcrafted Eyewear

Made to last a lifetime!

We use traditional riveting for attaching hinges to the frame. The process is subtle and time consuming. 

Metal pins are precisely and meticulously hammered through the acetate/horn frame and welded to the hinge. 

Hinges carry more stress than other parts of the frame therefore riveting is the strongest and most durable method to attach hinges.

Hand Polished Eyewear

10 Steps Polishing Process

The detailed hand-polished finish lends an organic look and a warm touch to the frames. Every prototype is handmade in order to ensure outstanding quality and meticulous execution of an idea without loss of details in the process.

Sustainable & Ethical

These sustainable and natural materials are skin friendly, hypoallergenic and cosmetically more elegant than the plastic & cheap metal eyewear. Natural horn is one of the oldest frame materials in the world. It has its own beautiful color and pattern, each piece unique, created as nature intended.

Eco-conscious eyewear is sensitive to the environmental impact it has, both while making the eyewear and after it is disposed of. Most of the wood eyewear in the market is made by sticking thin sheets of wood veneer with epoxy or non-biodegradable harmful plastic resins ā€“ which technically makes them harder than low-cost plastic eyewear to dispose.

10 Years Warranty

Within the first 10 years of ownership, if you experience a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship on selected frames, COCO LENI warrants your frames and we will repair or replace the product at no charge. This warranty is five times longer than any other luxury eyewear maker. This warranty extends to selected limited edition frames, all the other frames are covered with 1 Year Warranty. 

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