Top 5 Eyewear Trends 2019

The future looks bright ā€” at least when it comes to eyewear trends. You might be wondering what the latest eyewear trends for this year…. Nothing else can reinvent your look like a great pair of eyeglasses.

Find the styles that will transform your look this season with our trending eyewear collection.

Gold Accents

Add a little sparkle and shine with golden materials that sprinkle patterns and add interest to shapes. A combination of brittle lines and bold styling.

Thin Metal Frame

Pair up your style with the thin metal frame rounded to aviator shapes.

Flat Matte Wayfarer

Showcase rich hues and light material printed color super flat frames for an original take on classic shapes.

Versatile Neutrals

With the trend of blushes and new neutrals provide an effortless look.

Distinct Tortoise

A fashionable go-to, tortoise shell patterned unisex eyewear is an update to your eyewear collection with tones that vary from blonde to rich shades.

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