Are you happy with your existing eyeglasses but simply need the lenses changed for a new prescription or to fix a broken/scratched lens? Then Reglaze or Re-Lensing service is perfect for you.

Why opt for re-lensing?

Your favourite’s

If you really, really like the frames that you currently own and do not think a new pair would make you happy, then by all means opt for re-lensing. They’re you and they’re your favourite, so we work around what works for you.

Old is gold

Some people just do not like change and are happy with a product that they have already tried and tested. This one is for you. Re-lensing makes sure you don’t part ways with your good ol’ peepers.

Every other time

You only wear your eyeglasses if and when required so you’re not really interested in investing in another set. Keeping your prescription up to date is all that is important to you. Re-lensing is at your service.

What is re-lensing?

Re-lensing involves fitting a new Rx lens to your existing frame. Yes it is entirely possible and this guide is here to tell you just how.

How does re-lensing work in 3 easy steps?

  1. All you have to do is send in your existing frames to the address provided along with your new prescription details.
  2. We will measure and cut the new prescription lens to your existing frame size and style that you have sent in.
  3. Once your order is ready, it undergoes a final quality analysis and is dispatched to the address provided by you.