Our Mission

We, at COCO LENI, are committed to marrying the premium quality and natural material with the most advanced designs in sunglasses and prescription glasses that everyone can afford.

With over 20 years of experience, we are detail-driven, service-driven and passionate about what we do and aim to be a leading retailer of vision care products. We’ve been committed to quality, value and customer service since day one. But, what keeps us apart from the crowd is the type of materials that we use in our eyewear.

Eliminating Single Use Plastic

Our approach is to protect the environment. And, we genuinely want to clean the earth. That’s why we use a part of our profit to do beach cleanups, awareness campaigns and persuade local government to stop using plastics. We wish to eliminate single-use plastics, which are destroying our environment and marine ecosystem.

Our three main pillars are heritage, sustainability and giving back. We aim to use recycled and sustainable materials to create our exclusive collection of eyewear that includes specs and sunglasses. We truly want to help people, and a portion of your purchase goes to a worthy cause. Your purchase with us will help many underprivileged people by providing them access to vision correction. We work with several non-profit organizations that provide eyeglasses to needy people around the world. The real highlight is our stylish and fashion-forward designs.

For a step towards ‘Go Green,’ our company never uses any plastic to make the eyeglasses or while building our retail stores across the world. While this may add to the amount, we spend on our materials but doing what we can to help our environment is worth it. We focus on using eco-friendly wood, Italian acetate, and ethically-sourced bamboo and buffalo horn.

We are genuinely concerned about our environment and focus on various resources like Clean Seas to maintain healthy earth. Clean Seas is an initiative launched by the UN Environment with the aim of engaging the private sector, government, and the general public in the fight against marine plastic pollution. With this program, we want to eliminate plastic pollution and create a clean and pollution-free environment.

Environment-Friendly and Awesome Eyewear

Here, at COCO LENI, we aim to focus on eyeglasses that don’t harm our environment and look awesome as well. We endeavor to bring luxury eyewear in bamboo, wood, cellulose acetate, genuine horn and other sustainable and environment-friendly material using German Design & Technology. Moreover, we try to give the best services to our customers by concentrating on top-notch products.

COCO LENI – Clean Up Campaign

We work to organize and participate in a number of beach clean-up drives, all around India, with the launch of our COCO LENI CleanUp Club. We motivate others to reduce, reuse, recycle or upcycle products made of plastics.

Whether you visit our store or buy online from our site, we wish to give you the best services so you can enjoy an eco-friendly and stylish product.

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