#2020 TrashTag Campaign


Single-use plastics end up littering the environment in part because of irresponsible individual behavior. Poor waste management systems also play an enormous role. According to recent estimates (2018), 79% of the plastic waste ever produced now sits in landfills, dumps or in the environment, while about 12% has been incinerated and only 9% has been recycled.

  • Plastic bag block sewage systems and provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests.
  • Plastic waste and microplastics, ingested by fish or other marine life, can enter our food chain.
  • Styrofoam items contain toxic chemicals such as styrene and benzene. Both are considered carcinogenic and can lead to additional health complications.
  • Visual unpleasant quality of a park or beach being contaminated with litter has a huge impact on our mood and mental health.


  1. Report litter in and around your community using TrashOut App – 20 Points
  2. Earn the most points by picking up litter and submitting a before and after pictures – 200 Points
    • Trashtag challenge where a large family cleaned up a littered beach.

  3. Purchase on our online store and local stores with the points you have earned. Become a Local Hero – We will submit your pictures to our Instagram page and Local Newspapers.

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